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Opening for my new series

2009-11-12 21:28:50 by Aquarious2008 t/RAF-TAS-Opening-143417407

I may post the episodes on newgrounds once i complete season 1, but for now it's main site will be deviantart since most RAFians don't even know what newgrounds is

For the time being, the Sonic VS Sonic series is on extended EXTENDED hiatus. whether or not im even gonna continue making episodes is a mystery. Mostly becuz....

1. I'm getting a little bored with it

2. My animating skillz have been pretty suckish up until recently and now that I consider myself to be a competent animator, I'd like to work on a more competent series.

3. I really doubt anybody cares whether or not I continue this series lol

4(THE MAIN REASON) . I've started a new series dedicated to my buddies on "Richard's Animorphs Forum" Seeing as they don't care how much I suck compared to other animators, they're just happy to see themselves in sprite form lol

First day of work

2009-06-22 18:20:11 by Aquarious2008

Welp, today I started my first day of work as a counselor for this sports camp. LOL basically i'm being paid to tell kids what to do and helping the coaches coach. I still have no idea when or how much i'm being paid but i'm just happy to be getting some type of money and something to do during the day. Now I just gotta find a job during the school year lol

Sonic VS Team Sonic part 4

2009-06-05 19:16:38 by Aquarious2008

for those who care, episode 4 is almost done and should be on here in at the most 3 days, depending on how motivated I am to making it, odds are it'll be sooner since I plan on staying up till about 1 am to work on it, which means it could be up tomorrow but that's a big maybe.

And my animating has definitely improved since the first episode. I'm still using DBZ styled sounds and animation, not because everybody else is doing it(which seems to be the case with sprite movies nowadays) but because I love making stuff as violent as I possibly can, it makes up for the fact that i'm not a naturally violent person IRL LOL XD (that doesnt mean I dont like to watch a good fight at school every now and then LOL like when this pregnant senior was fighting a freshmen but that's a story for another day)

Also, if anybody could show me exactly where all these ppl like Alvin ,and a bunch of other newgrounders who's names arent important enough for me to remember, are getting their DBZ effects from, i'd really appreciate. LOL I would owe you BIG TIME I dont know how many times I've googled it and ended up with the same ole crappy looking effects that are impossible to animate becuz their only ONE DAMN PICTURE! I got the enery blasts covered but what I really need is stuff like the aura's that surround ppl when they're powering up and In need some blood too, I might fit in a few Mortal Kombat allusions for episode 5

EDIT: Ok i was gonna start it tonight but I got side tracked so there's absolutely now way it'll be up tommorow

EDIT: Allright, just disregard this. I didnt get it done over the weekend like I should have. But my Summer Vacation has just started which means I'll have more time to work on it and I promise it'll be up soon. At the most, a week from now(not making any promises)

My newest AMV

2009-05-09 10:33:28 by Aquarious2008

well, it isn't really my newest. I made it months ago LOL it's just taken me too long to upload it. first youtube, then wouldn't work. I eventually ended up uploading it to veoh yesterday. Im a little pissed it couldnt go on youtube cuz veoh totally killed the quality. Also, this song is owned by Crush 40, and this guy on newgrounds named tonaltmadness1

BTW, here's my youtube account: (a good majority of my best videos have been taken off due to copyright stuff, apparently you aren't allowed to have videos with Linkin Park, Kanye West, or MIA songs) gory/entertainment/watch/v18435094pfDq zNtk

I spelled my user name wrong. LOL there isn't an "O" in Aquarius. damn I feel stupid now. I cnt figure out how to change my username either so I guess im stuck with a grammatically incorrect name LOL

I'm making my very first sprite movie!!!!!! HOORAY!!!! After two years of wanting to do one, I've finally figured out how to get rid of tht annoying white box in front of my sprites!!!!!!!!!! I'm working on part two of the movie right now but I still need to figure out how to get sound on it and I need to find some free Sonic music/sound effects. If anybody can help me out(Provide me with sprites, music, sounds, ect) I'd really appreciate it.